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Wanderlust och acroyoga

Inlägg från instagram i går. Följ @yogaworld.se eller @sundstromskan för Wanderlust Taupo (Nya Zeeland) uppdateringar. Och här på bloggen kommer fler inlägg från festivalen.

“Acro yoga is all about play and communication. We need to listen not only with our ears – but also with our hands and feet. We work with metta – loving-kindness as our intention, this is a beautiful way to relate and connect with our touch. Connection needs trust, and trust is easy to break and hard to build. But don’t worry – as always in communication – we try, evaluate and try again and again and again and see what works for us and not. You will try new things and it may be tricky but always remember we are playing and having fun. If you walk out from here and have had fun – you were doing it right”. First day of Wanderlust festival is over. Jetlaged and very very tired, but a beautiful festival. Me and Emma have seen the opening ceremony, joined two yoga classes and this picture and quote (if I can remember it almost correctly…) is from a acroyoga beginner’s class. Yoga warm up, basic acro yoga and thai massage at the end. My favourite of today ?


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