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Don´t let anyone define who you are

A little pepp talk to anyone who needs it, maybe a teenager out there listening to the old and experienced Elina 😉
Don’t let other people define who or what you are. Never.
For example: I get a bit surprised about how many people (that are not teenagers anymore) it is out in this world, that tell others what is fun or boring to do, and by some reason they seem to think that what you do, is who you are. “You are boring” they can say, because you don´t drink alcohol at night time on a pub with them. In fact, you only have different opinions about what is a fun way of spending your evening and night. And, important Life lesson nr 2: You don’t have to be (or have) fun all the time.
If someone do not like to drink my favourite cup of tea and have deep conversations about life – or hiking with a bottle of water, going to a yoga festival and dancing totally sober, I don´t tell them they are boring – we´re just different, and I find someone else to share my moments with. What people find is fun is as individual as what we like to eat or what kind of music we like to listen to.
So – if someone says you are boring because you prefer to do something else than drinking things your body do not want and being up all night screaming things that makes us others not being able to sleep – that is up to them. If you prefer other things, that is up to you.
I can not understand why people travel the whole world to drink a hell of a lot of alcohol at night time, instead of experiencing the wonderful environment with energy at day time. But I will not judge, everyone make their own decisions, and have their own opinions. We’re different.
You don´t have to follow a norm, and you can find friends that prefer just the things you like to do, and you can spend time alone if you like that. People have told me I´m boring because I never drink more than a glas or two, or because I was studying hard (and liked it!). I did not care. I still do not care. I´m happy for my decisions. I have had so much great moments. None of them is from being drunk.
But I get sad hearing people that think they have to follow what other people say is the right “fun” way, even though they do not want it. No one ever define who or what you are. Do what you like, and if people judge, let them do so. You don´t have to listen. You don´t have to convince them that someting other is better. You can just keep on doing what you like. And let them do what they like.
Have a good day!

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  1. Fantastiskt skrivet! Att stå för “var dig själv och skit i vad andra tycker” önskar jag att fler vågade. Stor kram! 🙂

  2. Fint! Ibland är vi själva lite för duktiga på att definiera oss själva också, vilket också kan vara värt att tänka på när det skaver <3

    1. Det har du enormt rätt i. Jag är proffs på det, det är inte så himla konstruktivt alltid. Bra input! Work in progress på den punkten, jobbar på det 🙂

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