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I got a question – “what would be the best article that you would like to do?” That is a tricky question, first what is “best”, second, I have no best (but I have a lot of topics and a few more books that I would like to write…)
Favourites for me: Interesting people with great insights and experiences that feels important and meaningful to share (that I already do, all the passionate individuals with knowledge and stories and lovely personalities), a journey to make a reportage about, a text about a subject that can change something, for individuals, groups, organisations, I know that is difficult, but there is indeed a strong power in stories, information and opinion.
But I do not have one specific subject, person or journey that is the best – I love the holistic way of approaching life – yoga, health, psychology, local entrepreneurs, sustainability, human rights, peace workers, non violent actions, communication, fellowship, from Sala, Enköping and Lidingö to Ubud, Taupo and Cancún. It is the different aspects of being a journalist that allow me to always be curious, learn and share, that is the best with my work.
Good to remember myself about the best parts, when the less good parts are more obvious. It is good and bad sides in all works I guess.
What is the best with your work? What is a good day at work for you?
Tanks to Emma Eklundh for the picture

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