Elina Sundström
Yoga World

She stood there so strong, with deep roots in the ground, and the crown high in the sky. I walked towards her and looked up, amazed.  Slowly I put my hand on her bark. Trying to be respectful, she seemed to be a powerful soul.  So much she must have been seeing, and footsteps she have been hearing, in her hundreds of years of being alive.

It should be impossible to hug all of her, but I took a deep breath and leaned my forehead against her. She gave protection and shade, from the world far away, and from my illusions that I took as truth. What if I could ask the tree, what is your advice for my life?träd 1 träd 2


To grow strong as me, you have to grow slow. To reach high as me, you have to dig deep. To stay stay stabile for long, you have to be patient. If you strive to fast, your branches will crash, even in the smallest of storms, and if you never seek the sun, you will not survive, in the shape of a tree.


I am not a tree, I told the old and wise, I do not know where I have my roots, or what sky I can rise towards. I am tired, and seek advice. If I had leaves, they would be burned.

She went quiet. Where dig she go? I told her, I am sorry, maybe you do not have much of hope in humans, we have cut down the surroundings, not far away from where we stand. What can I do for you, I asked, ashamed. She waved with her greens, and told me to hold on.


I only know how it is to be a tree, you have to be a human, and find your way of being you.


I will do my best to be a good one, I told her, not knowing how. But I felt how much I needed the basics in life that she gave me with her presence: The silence, the continous changing truth, the peace, the natural life force. This must be the start and the source. What could I do in the long run, without the foundations?


This is also within you, as you are part of the nature, the tree told with a faithful voice. You have only forgotten, how not to pretend, and just be, in that fast running world, of man made creation, you try to fit in. Nature has always known, how to give and take in circles, but the system of your world is a mystery for a tree. I only know the nature’s law, while humans have created their own, she might have said, if I could understand the language of a tree.


And as I moved on, I saw that every plant had their own way to live, grow and survive, as I needed to find the path, that is for me to walk with my human soul and feet.




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