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Prayers from the other side of the globe

Hillsong church in Sydney city prayed for Stockholm this evening <3 So many loving hearts in this world, it is touching to see that people care from the other side of the globe.

Extra note: This is not a religious text, but about the hope of being around people spreading light and love. I wish that was every persons goal, and that no one should fight for what book or name of God that is the right, just let the message of being loving and kind be your main work and I guess your God whatever name he/ she/ it /they have will be proud and happy (it is so much clichées an naive wishes this text, but I can not write it another way).

I am and have as long as I can remember been an agnostic person who love being in churches. There I use to find that people usually have so big hearts, make a lot of local social care, and I have to admit – I love it a lot because of the music in Hillsong-family churches (a kind of modern Church frist started here in Sydney, that is now in many countries and cities, criticized for being too popularized but I like it). For you who are not familiar to Hillsong music, it is so much passion and power, and mostly great speeches in these churches too, often about existential aspects in everyday life with core points you do not have to believe in God to get something out of, taking in just those parts that your heart listen to.

I believe prayers help us to focus on being united for something good and higher than ourselves, and care for others all around the world. That is why I got goosebumps when Stockholm was one of the main prayers this evening (Syria was another). Thank you Hillsong for showing such an example.

And about the songs, there is uptempo and songs like this, one of my favoriter – bit live, oh there is bliss bliss bliss!


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