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Written many hours ago, now landed in Sweden:

Last day in Australia, here photos from last weeks – Byron Bay and Sydney. Tomorrow back to Sweden after three months of travelling, journalism work and some studies in Thailand, NZ and Australia.

This travel have been including so extremely much to grow and learn from, being thankful for and keep on working with, as well as beautiful nature, meetings, trekkings, crazy hostels, and adventures. Highs and lows – out of the box makes life always more diverse and colorful with bigger tests and broader perspectives.

Yesterday I went to Hillsong church in Sydney city (text in the blog). I got goosebumps when one of the main topics to pray for was Stockholm. Isn´t it beautiful that we can be on the other side of the globe caring for people we have never met far away, wishing this planet to be a better one for all to live in. And we (everyone of us human beings on this planet) are the ones that can do this, as the preaching was about yesterday. It may feel like we are ” no ones” and we try, fail and succeed to take good steps every day I guess, but we can point out the direction forwads, light up the path for each other and keep on walking towards what we want to see, again and again – and it really do make a big difference in good times as well as tuff times.The opposite may take bigger space, but there is indeed great people everywhere, making every little town, city and remote little spot are better place every day, and by remember us about it I think we get inspiration and energy to do more of good. That I think is what prayers are for, to point our the directions for us together to walk. Wherever you are, you are needed. Have a wonderful day.

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Ps: This became a lot of clichées.

Ps 2: I am not the right person to speak about directions really, I always get lost. That´s why I need others.

Ps 3: I so much look forward to be in Sweden in like 34 hours 😀

The end.


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